Can I replay the past? I did not really mean it.

My decisions were not fully thought of, or so I thought-

That time I did not really know how my actions will hurt me thereafter.

I’ve tried hiding it from you, from other people.

The pretension of happiness was hard to keep up,

But Lord, I chose to forget, I chose to feel numb, I chose to continue.

Until each day unveiled how much my true self cried out for help

You waited for me, merciful, with no condemnation

I felt far off, yet, You were really close by,

As I come to forgive others, and eventually myself,

I look at the scars the past has created and memories I could not change;

You showed me your nail pierced hands, and embraced me,

You made smile again

-by JDCD:)’20

Photo by : Dejay Dumapis

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