Being Inspired Again

Thoughts of not good enough,

thoughts of failing again;

thoughts that it will never change;

I’ve entertained them: doubting, when my time will come?

I left myself be in pieces,

Since it was too hard and too complicated.

Actually, I was too scared, and too proud to ask for help,

too busy at making excuses

You showed me that person who had no hands, the other who had no voice,

someone else with less means, the many with no freedom-

head up high, still fighting on,

who kept pursuing, and who kept believing.

I failed to see You freed me from the manacles of the previous,

I’m here again. Lord, You have reignited that flame of passion,

You gave me strength and confidence to keep going.

In you, I can begin again.

by JDCD :)’20

What are yout thoughts? Share your story 🙂

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