Dear Mom

I used to right you letters when I was under 4ft tall, I wish I had written more, but I hope it is not too late to say:

I’m sorry

During my teenager years, you cried in pain, hurting because of the words I have said, the actions I did and the things I did not do. I should have said you don’t need to work, mom, when you were sick, but all you thought was making ends meet together with dad. I should have apologized for my behaviour, instead of building a great wall. Mom, it pains me how I treated you with less respect, I’m sorry.

Thank You

I do not know how you were able to balance work, studying another degree, fulfulling your social responsibilities and taking care of us. I will always be grateful God gifted me with you, dad and my brothers.

Mom, thank you for the pizza 🙂 Remember when I said that you should treat me when I finally pass that IELTS test? I came home devastated because I failed again for the 2nd time. To my surprise, there you were smiling, arms wide open with a delicious pizza on the dinner table. You never stopped believing in me, reminding me to keep praying and believing, which is why I went to sit the test again, and then finally passing with high marks. Thank you mom.

I Love You

I miss all things about you mom, your antics and your quirks, your voice and your hugs. Mom, thanks for loving me despite of how I was weird and difficult growing up. Thanks for accepting me despite of the mistakes and continously praying for us. I take pride always that you are my mom and value everything that you and dad have done for our family.

I love you mom, always and forever.

What are yout thoughts? Share your story 🙂

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