Leaving my comfort zone

“Why bother?”

I feel the pressure whenever confronted with someone who questions the things I do. At times, I want to give in to the pull of complacency. 

Yes, why do I need to do more?

Why should I even care?


“Don’t flow with the status quo.”

It has been more than eight years, and those words never fail to resonate whenever I want to act for the sake of just finishing. 

Yet, the voices of “just enough” became louder than the challenge of that eight-year-old memory. I could still hear it, but I chose to be happy with just enough.

You’ll end up hurting yourself.

That was my internal voice fighting back the will to step up.

I knew I missed out on various opportunities because I was scared of failing and embarrassed that I will begin again.

It hurt more watching from the sidelines- how others rose from defeat and were successful.

I needed to start taking risks, beginning with myself.

If only I stopped entertaining what others think earlier, I could have…

No, it was my choice. I should stop blaming others for those half-hearted decisions and be accountable for my actions.

It’s time to leave my comfort zone.

What are yout thoughts? Share your story 🙂

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This cause was inspired by a young lad, Abner A. Ibag, who has passed away after 18 precious years of existence. He has left a legacy of positivity and have become an inspiration to his family circle, friends and his acquaintances; a beaming beacon who has shared selfless acts of kindness, emanating an aura of joy with a contagious spirit of bringing smiles and laughter. Continuing this feat, from a period of hiatus, I aspire to continue sharing a heart of caring through social media- with stories and encouraging updates, and connecting people with the same mindset. Everyday stresses may become overwhelming, but know that you are not alone going through this. Would you like to join us? Feel free to send us your messages, inquiries and suggestions. Let's brighten up the world. Keep smiling!

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