Leaving my comfort zone

“Why bother?”

I feel the pressure whenever confronted with someone who questions the things I do. At times, I want to give in to the pull of complacency. 

Yes, why do I need to do more?

Why should I even care?


“Don’t flow with the status quo.”

It has been more than eight years, and those words never fail to resonate whenever I want to act for the sake of just finishing. 

Yet, the voices of “just enough” became louder than the challenge of that eight-year-old memory. I could still hear it, but I chose to be happy with just enough.

You’ll end up hurting yourself.

That was my internal voice fighting back the will to step up.

I knew I missed out on various opportunities because I was scared of failing and embarrassed that I will begin again.

It hurt more watching from the sidelines- how others rose from defeat and were successful.

I needed to start taking risks, beginning with myself.

If only I stopped entertaining what others think earlier, I could have…

No, it was my choice. I should stop blaming others for those half-hearted decisions and be accountable for my actions.

It’s time to leave my comfort zone.

What are yout thoughts? Share your story 🙂

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