Father’s Day Reflection

While editing something for father’s day, I saw a friend’s status post in Facebook where she expresses sadness remembering her father who recently passed away this father’s day.

I paused to think how it may have been for other people who grew with no father- those who have lost their dads to untoward events or sickness, or those who were left behind by their parents.

I remember one of my older friends whose father died when he was in primary school. He expressed his gratefulness that God was always with him and his family, filling the void with love and hope.

I wish I can fly back home and hug my father. I miss him terribly and I hope that I can see my family when the pandemic eases. Still, I am thankful that I can message or speak with dad over the phone or through social media.

To all fathers out there, happy father’s day. 🙂

What are yout thoughts? Share your story 🙂

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