Dear Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

After your long shift’s over,
and most people are asleep. . .
You browse your phone another time,
watching videos of your child turning three.

As much as you wanted there to stay;
but, you needed to provide
The anguish, as you turned your back,
as you hear cries of “mama, why?”

Just when you wanted to go back home,
this pandemic halted it all,
So back again to what it was before,
just another video call.

I pray that wherever you are, dear OFW.
That God brings comfort
and gives you strength,
through all that you are going through.

I know your family understands
and proud of the sacrifices you do.
Be safe and hold on to hope.
You are a hero, we love you.

What are yout thoughts? Share your story 🙂

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