Reach out before you break

“Think about it, like a runner; you also need to rest. You may continue to force yourself to run, not allowing yourself to take a break; and without knowing it, your body will just give in. You’ll end up broken and not capable of running anymore.”

The counsellor’s words pierced right through, exposing the things which I tried to mask for quite so long. It was a hard truth to swallow, a reality that I decided to deny for some time- I was always critical on my self, impatient and was not making sure that I took care of my mental and emotional well-being.

That afternoon, speaking with a counsellor on the phone, was honestly one of the best conversations I had that provided me clarity. He emphasized the fact that taking a break or stepping back from a stressful situation for a while will give the person the capability to continue again; similar to a runner, being able to recuperate from running again.

Doing Something

I could not keep it in already, and I knew that a part of the solution was to ask for help. My mind was clouded with all the things I can do, yet lacked foresight. I was not thinking of the consequences it could bring about because I just wanted to escape. Having supportive family and friends have kept me sane all this time, and I will always be grateful for having them who are just a phone call away.

Empathize with yourself.

One of the essential takeaways from that phone discussion was on self-care. The counsellor told me to congratulate myself for identifying the need for help. Previous times, I felt stressed about so many things. “I wish I could have done better,” was the phrase repeatedly in my mind. It was a toxic attitude of being self-critical, and it was eating away the energy and joy I had.

Before reaching that breaking point, I am grateful for those who have made me realize the significance of pausing and stepping back to think about what matters in life. I was primarily responsible for making sure that I was alright and not shift the blame to other people.

So, reach out

Even if it’s a 2-minute or even hour-long conversation with a loved one, do it. Don’t reach that breaking point. Talk to someone before you do anything which you may regret. Proverbs 15:22 says, “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.” I believe that with the presence of friends and family, I was able to calm myself from being self-destructive.

Final thoughts

Truthfully, I don’t know why I am posting this online, but I hope that even though my struggles, others can learn and be better. Please remember that you are not alone. Reach out before it’s too late.

What are yout thoughts? Share your story 🙂

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This cause was inspired by a young lad, Abner A. Ibag, who has passed away after 18 precious years of existence. He has left a legacy of positivity and have become an inspiration to his family circle, friends and his acquaintances; a beaming beacon who has shared selfless acts of kindness, emanating an aura of joy with a contagious spirit of bringing smiles and laughter. Continuing this feat, from a period of hiatus, I aspire to continue sharing a heart of caring through social media- with stories and encouraging updates, and connecting people with the same mindset. Everyday stresses may become overwhelming, but know that you are not alone going through this. Would you like to join us? Feel free to send us your messages, inquiries and suggestions. Let's brighten up the world. Keep smiling!

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