Choosing to Forgive

Set yourself free from animosity; stop punishing yourself, please. It's time you tear down those bitterness walls, and plant those kindness seeds. Seek justice, not revenge. Don't put the law into your own hands. The change can start with you my friend, Forgive and stop the hatred, please.

Dear Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

After your long shift's over,and most people are asleep. . .You browse your phone another time,watching videos of your child turning three. As much as you wanted there to stay;but, you needed to provideThe anguish, as you turned your back,as you hear cries of "mama, why?" Just when you wanted to go back home,this pandemic … Continue reading Dear Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

Head Up High Warrior

The battle scars of yesterday scares you to take another leap. Will it be worth the risk if there would be no guarantee? As the future distance comes to a close, As those who you thought would remain fade away, As your belief comes crumbling to the ground, The better choice is to fight through... … Continue reading Head Up High Warrior