I love you, but. . .

I was reminded of a song that spoke to me before, particularly with the lyrics :"It's not about your scars. It's all about your heart." While some people would see this in a romantic context, I felt the words of the Lord resonating as this song lull me to sleep last night: Psalm 34:18The Lord … Continue reading I love you, but. . .

What’s your personality type?

I found a free personality test online. Surprisingly, I could not agree more with what the information says about me. Link to the site 👉 https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test The test results give information about your personality trait on: Strengths & Weaknesses💪Romantic Relationships ❤️Friendships🤗Parenthood👪Career Paths👩‍⚕️👩‍🚒Workplace Habits👔💼 My test showed that I have a "protagonist" personality type. A sample … Continue reading What’s your personality type?

Dear Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

After your long shift's over,and most people are asleep. . .You browse your phone another time,watching videos of your child turning three. As much as you wanted there to stay;but, you needed to provideThe anguish, as you turned your back,as you hear cries of "mama, why?" Just when you wanted to go back home,this pandemic … Continue reading Dear Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)